(My Experience with Organizations) Overview

For more than fifteen years my assignments included change management as my formal role or as part of my role as subject matter expert in business transformation projects. Core change management themes: developing organizational readiness for change, addressing change and resistance, alignment of stakeholders, obtaining adhesion of staff to change projects, mediating conflicts. I worked with both private and public sector.

Major corporate transformations such as Process Redesign and Improvement, Package Implementation, Customer Relation Management, Merger Optimization, Strategy Development, Shared Services Design and Implementation, Organizational Efficiency Enhancement identifying and reducing non key activities.

Very intense 2 month Reengineering project with high management involvement, in order to streamline the organization before a new corporate-wide IT package was implemented.

Assistance to an international organization to prepare for significant change including multiple components:
working with senior management, middle and lower management, conducting team development workshops for all organizational units impacted by the change, enhancing team cohesion and group dynamics, performing collective diagnosis and solution development, strengthening team culture and values, identifying good practices, enhancing cross level communication, installing open feedback and problem solving skills, developing core skills needed, action planning and developing follow-up processes and measures.

Combination of Executive Team group and individual coaching.

Teambuilding of a regional management team of 45 people.

Conception of a corporate Well-Being program.

Surveying organizational stress causes and design of a work related stress prevention program.

Design and implementation of an Equal Opportunity / Cultural Diversity Management project.

Enhancing Learning Effectiveness of training programs, extending the effects of learning after the course, using specific methodologies and tools.

Development of training curricula for specific target populations.

I have been accredited the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level by the International Coach Federation since 2006, and I coached individuals of 80 different nationalities.

I train in about 20 core professional and interpersonal skills.