(Team Development/ Team Coaching) Why choose me? Experience and Examples

I have been conducting team development, team building, team coaching and away days in different formats for very diverse groups and organizations.

Team size varied from 6 to 85, and team member profiles varied from staff over middle management to senior executives.

I am very strong in creating an open climate where participants feel safe and empowered to share and to contribute actively. As a result, team genius gets unlocked, leading to tangible results, insights, agreements, reinforces team cohesion or concrete action plans.

I have been accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level by the International Coach Federation since 2006; I coached and trained individuals of over 80 different nationalities

I have been thoroughly trained in Individual and Group Coaching in 2002-2004

Examples of team development/team coaching:

  • A regional 45 people management team of a large multinational company
  • Working with an executive team for 6 days over 3 years on a variety of organizational challenges
  • The direct reports of a senior Vice President of a major international company
  • Resolution of a strongly conflicting situation between a team and its manager
  • As part of a major change in an organization, I performed team developments for all departments impacted by the change. Topics covered: joint diagnosis and solution development, cohesion building, developing enhanced mutual understanding of colleagues and of teams, development of a new organizational structure, good practice identification, uncovering and addressing of the resistance to the planned changes
  • Obtaining work programme adhesion and compliance by all 80 team members of a department
  • (Re)defining team culture, identity and values
  • Aligning two conflicting missions of a team
  • Diagnosis of current team dynamics and collaboration in order to enhance co-operation and synergy