Personal skills development: Your Questions and Needs

You might want to strengthen or develop skills you need for your job, your personal life, your relationship, your impact on other people.

The topics I train in equip you to face both challenges and growth in your professional, personal and relational life.

I have been training and coaching about 2.000 individuals in a variety of skills that I developed over time.

You will learn how to get better organized, to manage time, to structure your workload.

You will learn to speak up for yourself, to deal with challenging other people, to be listened to and understood. You will increase your impact on other people.

With advanced communication skills, you will understand what gets in the way of effective communication, and how you can become an excellent communicator. We will look at the communication process, at mental filters and maps, at intercultural communications, getting through to people, be more convincing and persuasive, being able to negotiate and to deal with objections and resistance.

You will learn how to read people and yourself. You will understand how to deal better with your emotions, with stress, how to manage yourself and your energy level. You will learn to relax, to be mindful and to mediate. You will also learn how to detach emotionally from difficult situations in order to master them better.

A lot of professional skills will be reinforced as well: project and change management, management and leadership skills, coaching, people management skills, giving feedback, dealing with conflicts. Interpersonal skills will be covered too.