Personal Development and Growth: Your Questions and Needs

You want to perform well in life. You want to be successful in your job, your relationships, your personal and social life.

You want to master the skills needed to deal with all aspects of life and to cope in a satisfying manner.

Once you master this, you can focus on developing a fully positive outlook on life, so that whatever happens, you face the situation with serenity and solidity. You are not shaken by adversities in life, which inevitably happen.

As a next step you grow your potential.You have been good and competent in many fields of your professional and personal life, but now you want to grow and expand your possibilities. You develop areas that are new to you.
Curious, you want to learn more about yourself, about your potential and about the opportunities in life.

Once you are comfortable in this stage, you start realizing you are still somewhat limited in your growth and in the creative expression of your potential. You understand your past experiences are still impacting your current life and future.

You start analyzing the way you think, the way you feel, the way you behave, the way you think you are, and you realize that these are just part of what is possible. You want to experiment and develop additional options and you start expanding these aspects of yourself.

You gradually (or rapidly) transform the way you are. You let go of limiting past conditionings that shaped the way you are, the way you behave and the way to react to the world.

As a consequence you start experiencing yourself, others and life in a different way. You develop new insights on the nature of life, of yourself, of your true nature.

As you are profoundly changing, life around you starts changing as well.You discover a quality of life beyond any expectation.

You achieve a sense of profound happiness that cannot any longer be impacted by events in life. You start seeing everything in life as a learning opportunity. You stop resisting to life and experiment the grace of just flowing graciously along with life as it unfolds.

You experience a strong sense of freedom and you feel more happy and fulfilled.

I simplified this journey in 5 stages:

I distinguish between Personal Development/Growth where change can be achieved within your current mental worldview/frame of reference, while Personal Transformation requires a more profound change, changing your view of yourself, of others, reality and life.

  • Personal development
  • Personal growth
  • Personal transformation- FREEDOM
  • Personal transformation- FULFILLMENT
  • Spiritual development