I train managers and staff in more than 20 different professional, interpersonal and self-management skills which are critical for performing effectively and efficiently and for making corporate change and transition successful.

Ideally all non-’business technical’ trainings should be aligned, consistent, use a similar approach and language, and in combination should broaden the overall skill set of the organization.

I offer a framework of core skill trainings which are modular and mutually reinforcing (covering competencies such as workload management, personal efficiency, effective communication, change management, negotiating, problem solving and stress management).

In addition I train in more specialized topics such as meeting efficiency, coaching skills, people management skills for managers and others (TOPIC LIST).

I delivered over 650 days of group training in public and private companies across Europe over the last 10 years.

I developed several methods to enhance Learning Effectiveness of training programs, increasing personal and group learning capabilities during the classes, and extending the effects of learning after the course, using specific tools and processes. I will be glad to share them with you.

I also designed and delivered training curricula for specific target populations, set up competence centers and have conducted trainings leading to corporate certifications for certain job categories.

I have been an external trainer for IBM’s Global Sales School for 14 years