My Philosophy of Coaching

When coaching, if I ask you a question for which you have an answer immediately, I consider this not to be an effective question. I am really useful as a coach if I ask you questions that make you think and reflect differently. That is why you need a coach.

My major added value is to make you aware of your unconscious thinking, your emotional and behavioral patterns so that you can choose to behave and to be differently, expanding the way you are, think, believe, feel and act.

Coaching is by nature evolutionary and transformational. As a result of the coaching, you will have a different perspective of yourself, of significant others, of your professional or relational context, of your future, of life. The issues you worked on will appear different or maybe even insignificant as YOU will have changed and your way of interacting with them will have changed as well.

I am very much convinced that profound change is possible, even in challenging situations.
The key is your willingness/readiness to change.

The HOW is relatively straightforward and is my job: it is about using the right concepts that are suited to you, to your objective and to your situation. Over 20 years I have integrated a very extensive range of approaches, tools and methods and I keep adding even more.

YOU are the key element in the coaching process, and as a coach I need to seamlessly adapt to who you are, to where you stand right now, to what you really want, to how you function consciously and unconsciously, to what your hot buttons are and to what might be your shadows.

I also coach to Radical Change, where the coachee (organization, team or individual) sets or is confronted with objectives that appear almost unattainable, or where cognitions and behavior patterns have been deeply engrained and seem hard to change.