Health, Wellbeing, Stress, Burnout Prevention
Introduction/ Objectives

Well-being and feeling fit and happy with your life, yourself, your job, your partner is just crucial and needs full attention and priority.

Often we work too hard as we take our responsibilities too seriously, are subject to stress or pressure and do not know well how to cope, or we do know but we don’t find time or we invent all kinds of excuses.

As a consequence, small symptoms develop. Your body sends a signal. If you ignore this signal, more serious symptoms may appear. They are an indication that you are moving from punctual stress to chronic stress.

Punctual stress can be relieved through relaxation and exercise, but these two mechanisms are not sufficient for coping with chronic stress. Here you really need to develop different attitudes and to adopt a different lifestyle.

If you do not do so, you will end up either in depression or in burnout.

I work with you on a wide range of stress management, resilience and energy management techniques, including relaxation, mindfulness, detachment as well as cognitive/emotional deconditioning.

I also practice meditation, hypnosis and the use of altered states of consciousness.

I developed some tools for burnout prevention as well.

For organizations I developed assessments of levels and causes of work related stress, as well as a range of preventive and remedial solutions. They are part of an overall stress management framework that I developed.

For corporations I also developed approaches to well-being as well as a skill set for managers for bringing positive energy to teams.